DVD_Tomahawk_buypageTomahawk Guy II: Paper Clip Reload Now on DVD !!!

Ok, so TheTomahawkGuy can stick paper clips just like tomahawks. What are the secrets? Surely he won’t reveal them, he probably can’t even explain it, and this DVD is just 43 minutes of him showing off his skills.


This video lays it out. Secrets are revealed. TheTomahawkGuy touches on everything — the target construction, physics of the throw, the motions, internalizing into muscle memory, the mindset, drills, and much more. There is so much depth in this video, it goes farther than technique, and touches on the art of throwing, well beyond any instructional video out there. It is fun, engaging, and interesting.

His website says he is a martial arts champion, martial arts instructor, and holds a degree in psychology and works helping youth. It shows. This video was pleasantly surprising in so many ways. It offers a great deal of information for the beginner, and anyone else wanting to take throwing to the next level. Replay “The Mindset” chapter over and over if you want to take anything to the next level. And yes, I can now stick screwdrivers into a box in my garage.

Plus there is a very amusing intro about his legend that the whole family, martial arts students, or scouting troupe would enjoy.

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Range Configuration

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